12 Best Price Comparison Websites

When shopping online, it can be difficult to know the best place to search for a particular product to get the best deal. Luckily, there are numerous price comparison search engines as well as price comparison apps which make your shopping experience much easier. Through these types of websites, users are able to easily search and compare products and prices on various well-known online and local stores. Here is a list of some of the best price comparison websites which aim to help both consumers and retailers and optimize their shopping experience.


PriceCheckHQ functions as a price comparison website which allows users to find the best deals online through various shopping portals. This popular site helps users save time by giving them a simple view showing all the best possible prices on the products they are searching for. Their home page offers a fairly simple layout with a general search bar, as well as various categories to explore below. Within a particular category, you can view several popular products along with their online store and price. You can also search within the search bar and find something more specific within that category. By choosing a particular product, it will automatically redirect you to the particular store’s website. Through their site, you can find out about new product launches as well. Additionally, this site offers various coupon codes which can help you get an even better deal on the products you’re looking for! Their blog also offers several interesting and useful articles on finding good deals on different products! Overall, PriceCheckHQ is a convenient and easy-to-use website for finding great deals on a wide range of products!



Shopzilla.com has a portfolio of shopping web sites. It was purchased in June 2005 by the E. W. Scripps Company for $525 million as part of its interactive media division. Its website serves both consumers and retailers in markets the US, UK, France, and Germany. It has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Some of the main items consumers shop for include: clothing such as men’s and women’s shoes, women’s dresses and jackets, electronics such as cameras, laptops, TV’s and video games, and outdoor appliances such as grills and fire pits. Their services benefit shoppers, retailers, advertisers, and content creators. You can sort your searches based on price range, and best match, and have options to narrow your search results based on brand and shop. You can also enter your zip code to find estimates of tax and shipping costs! This is a convenient site to use in order to find and compare deals on various products!

Google Shopping

This is a Google service which lets users search for products on various online shopping platforms and compare products between different vendors. As of late 2012, merchants must pay the company in order to list the products on their service. Outside of the US, Google Shopping is available in many different countries across the world including: Australia, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Spain, UK, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and Russia to name a few. The site was originally named Froogle, then changed to Google Product Search, and eventually given its current name Google Shopping. Through Google Shopping website, you can conveniently shop in various different departments ranging from grocery to electronics to clothing to toys and games. Their site allows you to easily compare prices from different online retailers so you can ensure you find great deals on all your goods! Google shopping also has a price comparison app for both iOS and Android.




This price comparison engine founded in 1999 works with merchants, retailers, and sellers to provide information and price comparisons on a range of different products. It was the first price comparison site to project tax and shipping cost information for a consumer during the comparison process. Through their platform, you can search for products in various different categories from appliances to musical instruments to groceries. You can also sign up for weekly deals to be delivered directly to your inbox! This website offers convenient product comparisons, and also allows you to easily customize your search results based on different categories including brand, type of product, and store.



Another popular price comparison engine, Pronto is a division of Barry Diller’s company IAC. Starting in 2005, it was originally a downloadable software. Between the period of December 2006 through December 2007, it ranked the 7th fastest moving website. As of 2011, it has expanded internationally with a website in France, Germany, and the UK.
Pronto’s website uses a very simple design functioning as a basic search engine. Their home page is nothing but a search box which allows you to search any topic. After searching for the product you want, you can narrow your search a little bit through the categories listed in related search. This website is simple and allows you to easily search any product you are interested in and find numerous sources on it.



Owned by eBay, Shopping.com is another well-known price comparison website which allows users to compare prices on various products in a wide range of different categories. This site was one of the first websites of its kind, and today remains a leading shopping site for thousands of brand names and online stores. Shopping.com serves markets in the US, France, Germany, UK, and Australia. Their site offers a search bar where you can search any product of interest. Through their platform, you are also able to shop by department, top brands, and top products. The major departments offered on the website include: Clothing and Accessories, Electronics and Computers, Home Items, Kids, and Health and Beauty Products. Each department is also broken down into smaller categories. Through their website, you can also easily customize your search based on store, brand, type, price range, etc. Shopping.com is yet another site which simplifies your shopping experience. This site’s user-friendly search tools, navigation, and product and merchant reviews, make the site a trusted and engaging site for consumers as well as retailers.



Become.com is a product comparison website which aims to help simplify the shopping experience. Become.com is based in Mountain View, California. This website mainly deals with products such as appliances, electronics, clothing, home and garden, and health and cosmetics. Their platform offers the option to shop by category or to search in the general search box. When searching in a particular category or for a particular product, you are also able to view related ads which can link you to other websites related to your search or your product. Additionally, you can find related topics and categories which may be of interest. Overall, Become offers a simple layout which allows its users to easily find product comparisons and navigate the web page.

BizRate & Connexity


BizRate.com is another successful product price comparison site which lets its users find the best deals on millions of products. BizRate has a user-friendly platform which functions similarly to many other price comparison sites by allowing its users to either conduct a general search or search by category. A few of the top categories used on this particular website include: women’s shoes and clothing, living room furniture, home decor, and handbags and luggage. Through their website, you can also find out more about Connexity which works with Bizrate to help retailers and publishers.

Connexity is the largest independent retail product platform reaching 30 million customers in North America and Europe. As the second largest source of shopping leads behind Google, they work hard to support retailers and help bring consumers to their websites through their Cost Per Click network. Consumers can also view the top rated stores chosen by its customers. This allows you to view the websites for online stores that were most highly rated for different categories, such as computers and software, home and garden, and clothing. This feature is really convenient for customers who may know what product they are looking for, but don’t know the best websites to use to find it.

In addition to the top rated stores, BizRate has Circle of Excellence awards which are given to online retailers each year. You can view the rankings of these winners starting with the retailers who have won it for the most number of years down to the least number of years. Customers can also view the top products which are listed under different categories. This feature can be very helpful for allowing customers to search products in a more specific category. Overall, BizRate functions as a great website for allowing customers to shop and compare products prices simply and conveniently!

Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo’s Shopping platform also offers customers the ability to easily compare prices of different products of interest. Through their platform, users can search by brand, by store, or by category. The most popular categories include: Computers, Clothing, Movies, Electronics, Home and Garden, Jewelry, and Sporting Goods. Customers can easily customize their search based on price range, category, and department. Customers are also able to search specifically within Yahoo Shopping as well as through the general web. Overall, this serves as another easy to use price comparison website.

Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel is a website which specifically works to track prices of products on Amazon. Their site has a lot of unique features which are very user friendly and convenient for customers. One of the features actually allows users to create a profile where they are able to track or watch deals on particular products of interest to them. Through their platform, you can view popular products within different categories. Users can also view Amazon’s items with the top price drops within different categories. This feature is particularly useful for customers in allowing them to find great deals and major price changes on items that they may be looking to buy. They also have their own Blog site with interesting and informational articles for customers. Customers can find price tracking tools including browser add-ons, Amazon wishlist synchronization, and Bookmarklet. All in all, Camel Camel Camel offers a lot of really helpful tools and features that benefit customers in allowing them to find the best deals and easily get updated information on the specific products they are interested in!


ShopSavvy is a mobile price comparison app which is available on both the App Store, and Google Play. This app is extremely user-friendly as it allows its customers to scan the barcode of any product and then compare the prices of that product on online stores as well as local stores. In addition to comparing prices, this app actually can help you drop the price at the register with the store’s price matching policy. They have a large database of retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Costco. This app also shows user reviews and shows discounts and deals for scanned items. It is now the world’s most popular shopping app with over 50 million product scans each month. Additionally, users can view local listings which lets users scan their own products to sell to other users. Another feature this app offers is the ShopSavvy Wallet, which lets users purchase products directly from their mobile phones! With this convenient app, shopping has never been easier!

Price Pirates


This website lets you compare prices from auctions on eBay as well as other popular sites including Amazon and Shopping.com. They also have a free mobile app available on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Their webpage has a basic search bar and also lists some of the most recent top selling items, as well as popular search results over the past few days. Some of the recent top sellers were the Amazon Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick. Similar to many other sites, they have several categories which you can choose from to search more specifically for a particular product. Overall, this is another great source to find the best deals on various items.

All in all, these are some excellent sources all of which have different features which help consumers simplify their shopping experience. These websites benefit consumers as well as sellers as they help get seller’s products out there and visible for customers. Overall, these websites are great resources for anyone looking to buy just about any type of product!

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