6 Great Ways to Save on Tires

Tires may appear as the simplest components of your car, but once you get down to buying them, you’ll realize they’re extremely high-tech, and of course, expensive. People usually consider the specific model, color, and overall performance when they’re investing in a used vehicle. Tires are mostly not the first thing on their mind.

This is because most people judge their car’s appeal by its upper body features. Since tires are the least visible, they’re greatly overlooked. Even when your tires are what gets your car rolling on the road while absorbing shock and impact, you may not be giving them the attention they deserve.

And that’s precisely what the intent of this blog is – it’s time to look into those worn and aging wheels under your car. Those aren’t something you can forget. However, if you’re worried your new tires are going to empty your wallet, you can rest assured that’s not happening.

There are a number of ways to buy new tires without costing you an arm and a leg. And, here are some great penny-pinching tips for buying tires cheap.  

1. Start by Shopping Online

Online stores are excellent avenues if you’re looking for affordable options. The biggest advantage of online retail stores is that you can grab tires on a discount while making an informed decision. Just because your focus is narrowed down to “cheap and affordable”, doesn’t mean you can buy whatever’s on the market.

Your tires are the only part of your car that hit the road directly. They absorb incredible shocks, support your car’s load, allow easy brakes and maneuvering on the road. You certainly can’t settle on the next cheap option.

And, that’s what online retail stores can help you with. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s also poor quality. There are many online tire stores that offer customer reviews and discounts to help you make a quick informed decision.

You can also just window-shop for tires online and buy them from a local store. Customer reviews can help you sift out any regrettable tire investments.

2. Available Rebates

When looking for affordable tires, rebates are your best option. Tire manufacturers put up their rebates throughout the year, so you must always stay on the lookout. The best time to grab avail rebates is during the holidays.

Days like Labor Day, 4th of July, and President’s Day are good opportunities to get the best prices on tires. Many retailers and manufacturers end up increasing the rebates that can save you up to $200 of the original cost of tires. You can save a pretty penny just by staying vigilant!

However, always check the rebates before opting for them. You can easily save hundreds of dollars just by a thorough check. If you’re looking for online tires, verify their price with the actual retailer. Study their website carefully and look for any rebates. In most cases, you’ll find rebates up to $100, which can easily cut down a hefty price.

3. Pick the Right Tire Size

Choosing the right-sized wheels will help your car go a long way. This is especially important if you’re investing in new pairs. If the tires are too big, they mount under the car properly and will cost you a bigger reparation price.

Talk to your manufacturer about your car’s size and what kind of tires are best-suited. Look into the side walls of your existing tires and figure out the correct measurements. Whether you’re buying tires cheap online or at a retail store, determining the right size will save you dollars in the long-term.

4. Don’t Buy More Than You’ll Need

Apart from actually buying cheap tires, there are many ways to save on your current vehicle expenses. Once you get down to buying tires, you’ll realize they’re endless options.

From run-flats and all-terrain tires to summer and all-season. How should you decide which one would fit best under your car? By buying only what you need.

You can check out the tire specifications on the manual and then invest in the ones that are most appropriate for your vehicle. Look at the price tag of the tires carefully. In most cases, the tag doesn’t include tire alignment, balancing, and safety. You should inquire about the total price before making any decision.

5. Tire Recalls

You may have heard your retailer casually throwing phrases like Goodrich and Goodyear, without knowing the real difference. However, when you buy cheap tires and wheels online, here’s what you should know.

After you’ve chosen your tires, follow-up with a quick check on recalls. You won’t get notified automatically, so this is something you must do voluntarily. You can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for every kind of recall of different tire brands.

If you currently have used tires, they may’ve been recalled once. In order to save your family from any road dangers, accidents, and most of all hefty repair costs, you should check for tire failures. Your manufacturer will then repair them without a cost.

6. Don’t Rent Tires

Here’s the thing: you may feel like renting tires instead of buying them, but doing so will just lead to a higher cost. Think about the heavy debt incurred on your credit card.

The rental will obviously be higher than a one-time investment in new tires. You’ll actually be saving dollars worth of debt over your tires. You can either buy tires for sale or look for cheaper options that are fairly in good condition. In 90% of the cases, you’re better off buying tires cheap.

A Final Word

Remember, your tires are the most crucial and vulnerable components of your car. The biggest chunk of your investment should be on sturdy and durable tires. However, you will never have to spend thousands of dollars as long as you follow the above-mentioned tips. Study the tire catalogs online, look out for rebates and recalls, and most importantly, buy only what you need.


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