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A new life is a cause for great rejoicing and people usually love to commemorate the occasion by giving gifts. From the sentimental to the practical, extravagant to “just a token”, personal to generic, the range of baby gifts are endless.

Presents that are always going to come in handy for newborns are basic clothing items such as singlets, jumpsuits, nightgowns, socks, and jackets. Little ones can dirty several outfits in one day so multiple supplies are a must. Likewise, soft towels, face washers, bibs and diapers are things that you can’t have in over supply.

Hand knitted items are especially cuddly for babies. Jackets are the most practical items in this genre. They are easily pulled on and off over a baby’s outfit. Hand knitted bootees, although very sweet, don’t stay on little feet anywhere near as well as ordinary socks. A hand knitted  baby shawl can be a beautiful family heirloom, after it has been used to warm a little bundle.

When purchasing clothes for a newborn, it is great to remember that they are only “newborn” for a very short time. Babies grow so quickly. Think ahead to upcoming seasons and buy appropriately sized outfits, to ensure baby is well clad throughout the year.

Another Practical Hint

White and pastel clothes can look sensational, but if the baby is on the move, or eating solid food, the sensation is brief!

There are some wonderful ideas for personalized gifts. If you have a special hobby, be it scrapbooking, woodworking, sewing or drawing, you can make something that may be so much more appreciated than a mass produced store bought items.

Little boys (and girls) love pull along trains and cars, or how about making a personalized fabric book, with zippers, ties and other wonderful things for little hands to explore.The range of baby toys available is mind boggling.

Babies have all sorts of educational toys available to them from birth. When purchasing toys, be sure to check that they comply with national safety standards, as most toys end up in the baby’s mouth.  Little girls can enjoy a truck or a digger as much as the boys, and many a brother is keen to play with his sister’s dolls….don’t get too carried away with gender stereotypes, or conversely, the desire to be anti stereotypical.

One last little tip…if you are not welcoming the first baby into a family circle, it is a fantastic idea to bring a small gift for the older sibling(s) to help quell jealousy.

The time surrounding a birth is such an amazing stage for a family. Gifts of all shapes and sizes are appreciated by the extremely enamored parents and siblings…just share in their joy!

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