Best Barcode Scanners for Your Business

Have you recently come across a product without a barcode? Not likely, right?

The barcode technology has seen a rapid advancement in the last decade, and almost all retail and industrial businesses use barcodes to track their product transactions. That is why for a company dealing with products, a barcode scanner is a must-have. Fortunately, you can find many brands offering the best barcode scanner for your business.

Best Barcode Scanner Reviews

As we mentioned before, the barcode technology is on a roll since the past few years, so are barcode scanners. You can easily get the best ones for great prices if you set out to shop online, but which one to choose?

To make it easier for you, we’ve reviewed and compared some of the most popular options and narrowed the list down to three of the best.

1. Koolertron Wireless Barcode Scanner

Koolerton provides some of the best range of barcode scanners in the market. Wired, wireless, chargeable, battery operated, 1D or 2D, you’ll get them all in their versatile lineup. This wireless scanner is said to be their best product yet because of the following:

  • Functionality

This barcode scanner has a functional and easy-to-use design. Just plug it into your computer through its USB dongle and get started! In addition, it has a Bluetooth function and WiFi capability to facilitate wireless connectivity with tablets or smartphones at a distance of up to 32.8 feet.

The unit is also compatible with a wide range of devices such as iOS, Android, MAC OS, Windows; you name it! Also, it supports both 1D and 2D codes, at a fast scanning speed, so you’ll get your tasks done in no time.

  • Memory

The scanner is equipped with commendable memory storage. It can hold up to 2MB of your data, so you can scan away without worrying about back up. Also, the memory is available offline if you want to refer to your transactions on the go.

  • Usage

The lightweight body of this barcode scanner will ensure effortless use. Constructed with an ergonomic design, you can continue to use it for long periods without any signs of fatigue or strain. Apart from that, it also provides a rubber-made gripping area to help you have a firm hold on the instrument for faster operation.


  • Dual mode
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • Not suitable for a square stand or square POS


2. Esup Barcode Scanner

This brand originated as a supply company for high-quality products on Amazon; thus, the name e-supplier. Eventually, the organization grew and became known as a trusted name for home and office use gadgets. This scanner by Esup has what it takes to be the best barcode scanner, owing to the following features:

  • Functionality

This is basically a Bi-directional scanner. It has a fully automatic scanning system which can easily enlist your products and their transaction through their codes in no time. In addition, it can take up to a hundred scans per minute, so if you’re running a busy store, you don’t have to worry about long queues anymore.

  • Construction

What makes this product stand out is its shock resistant design. The external body is made out of materials that can withstand a fall from up to a two-meter height. Hence, don’t worry if you’re a clumsy user since this scanner is made to endure tough impacts.

  • Usage

Using this scanner is simple. It has a two-meter or six-foot long cable, which can be attached through the nearest USB port available. Also, the scanning angle is inclined to 45 degrees for the user’s maximum comfort.

The decoding capability of this device is outstanding. It supports a wide array of codes such as Code11, 39, 93, Coda Bar, and more. Also, the size is small enough to fit comfortably in your palm.

As such, you can use it for long hours without any stress on your hands. It sports a sturdy grip as well for a firm hold while at work.


  • 650 nm visibility
  • Can sustain drops upon concrete floors
  • Has FCC CE Regulatory Approvals


  • Wired


3. NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner

Nadamoo is another brand which offers high-quality gadgets to make retail and industrial operations easier. It works to understand and provide solutions for problems that entrepreneurs face daily so that they can serve their customers better. This barcode scanner is one of their best products, and has the following features:

  • Functionality

You don’t need to install any software or program on your computer to use this scanner, just plug it in and begin with your day’s work. It also has a completely wireless system, so no dealing with long cables anymore. You can connect it easily to your computer like you would a virtual keyboard, and watch its flawless input work.

  • Special Features

This scanner is equipped with a dual working mode namely one-to-one and more-to-one. On the former, the scanner can transmit the code to only one USB receiver. In the latter, multiple scanners can transmit the barcode to one receiver.

This feature makes it ideal for industrial tracking systems, where multiple users send transaction or coding data to one single program.

  • Accessibility

What is better is that the wireless transmission system works from long distances. If you’re working in the open air, you can enjoy up to 400 meters of transmission and 100 meters while working indoors with the instant scanning mode.

Also, you can scan codes from further distances than that, and store it using the storage mode. The device will then automatically scan it once you reach the wireless transmission range.


  • Can complete operations without using buttons
  • Plenty of offline storage
  • Three to four hours runtime


  • Only works for devices with a USB port
  • Cannot scan codes from foil-based or reflective materials
  • Cannot scan codes directly from screens


Which One Makes the Top Option?

All three of these scanners have what it takes to be the best. They have good compatibility, durable bodies, fast scanning, and comfortable gripping systems. But, the Esup scanner has to be ruled out because of its wired design.

From the remaining two, the NADAMOO scanner undisputedly takes the title. Firstly, it has multiple usage modes and a long wireless transmission range which makes it easy to use. Also, it has lots of offline storage and multiple scanning options which make it ideal to use in large industries.

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