Best Metal Detectors for Kids

The one challenge that parents have that comes to their kids out of many is when it comes to keeping them busy for long periods of time. Another concern that parents have is that their kids are not getting enough activity while they are spending too much time on the screens. 

However, playing contact sports is not always something that kids want to do. That is why there is a perfect solution. Kids can use the best metal detectors to find hidden gems such as jewelry, coins, and anything else that they would enjoy finding.

Metal detectors will keep them active and on their feet and occupied.  This hobby is the perfect combination for keeping your kids active and engaged outdoors. Here are the best metal detectors for kids handpicked by our team.

1. Explore One Metal Detector for Kids

Explore One makes a high-quality and lightweight metal detector for kids which is able to detect items buried down to 6 feet below underground. The bonus is as well that it is water-resistant which means that kids can search for items in large puddles because there could be some coins that the kids could find that are deep into the water! And with this metal detector, it can be easily found especially since it can be immersed in water completely and will stay intact. 

The built-in LED lights will also help them find objects in dark and obscure areas. That is a huge bonus. 

2. ToolGuards Metal Detector

ToolGuards makes a metal detector that is very easy to use and it features its own bag as well which is easy to carry around. It also comes with a shovel so whatever object is detected underground can be dug out easily with it.

It is important to insert the micro-plug that is according to the alignment or else it will not function properly. It is also waterproof so objects can be searched for in water as well, and it comes to an adjustable knob to match the child’s height so it can be used with ease. 

3. INTEY Metal Detector

This metal detector is perfect to use when you and your kids want to go on fun treasure hunts. You can use it to detect all types of metals. It is waterproof and it features two modes which will give you a choice between detecting metals of your choice by telling it to eliminate certain targets, and detecting all types of metal. 

For instance, if you prefer that the detector does not pick up copper or zinc, you can set the mode to ignore copper and zinc items. This feature is what makes this metal detector great.

4. ALLOSUN Junior Metal Detector

This metal detector is easy for kids to use and it is also quite sensitive which means it can detect metal quite easily. It also allows your child to listen to the alert of the detection easily as there is a place for earphones to be plugged into the device. It also needs a 9V battery, however, it is not included. 

The advantage of this metal detector is how sensitive it is and how easily it picks objects up and the feature where the kids can listen to the alerts privately through headphones. That means outside distraction will not muffle out the sound that something has been found. 

5. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

This lightweight metal detector is perfect for kids as it is adjustable, waterproof, and features LED flashing indicators. It also comes with a folding shovel as well as a carrying bag. The audio is superb, ensuring the alerts for detection will not be missed, and it features a strong gold detector as well. 

It is sensitive and features an ergonomic design which makes it easy and comfortable for kids to use so they can use it with ease and accuracy. Objects will be detected quite fast and easily!

6. Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector

Kids will love this metal detector from Fisher-Price as it features 3 levels of sensitivity, and is waterproof up to 6 feet, and features a pulse induction. It operates with a single button and can either beep or vibrate or do both simultaneously. It is also waterproof up to 6 feet. This means it can be used to find metals in shallow puddles. 

The Fisher F-Pulse metal detector is very user-friendly, and the kids will really enjoy using it. They will have a great time finding many gems!

7. Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector 

This metal detector my Bounty Hunter will keep kids busy as it features three ID categories for targeting, as well as a graphic indicator for the depth of the object being detected, as well as an indicator for battery life. 

There is always the option of discriminating items that are not wanted. And additionally, kids will use this metal detector with ease as it features ergonomic design so it is used with comfort. And it is also lightweight.  You never have to worry about this product being uncomfortable. 

8. Viewee Metal Detector for Kids

Viewee makes a metal detector for kids that is easy to use. It is geared for outdoor use and it is easy to adjust. It features LED light alerts in addition to buzzers to notify the users that something has been detected. 

It is also waterproof but only can be used in shallow ponds or puddles as it cannot be fully immersed into water. Always keep the display panel away from the water or else it could become damaged as that part is not waterproof. 

9. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector

National Geographic makes an awesome kids metal detector that is lightweight and made with a comfortable design. It features a dual coil that is waterproof. It also comes with an LED light display and a beeper when an object has been detected.

It can detect coins up to 6 inches below, and larger objects that are up to 1 foot below. It requires 3 AA batteries which are not included.  It features a padded arm strap as well as a comfortable grip while in use which makes it very easy to use. 

10. AMYSPORTS Kids Metal Detector  

This metal detector for kids is fun for them to use on the beach as it is waterproof or in the backyard, or the park! All kinds of gems can be detected by the use of it as it is lightweight and made with an easy-to-use design as it is adjustable.

The stem is also foldable which means it can be easy to carry and to take around as it is made to be compact. The product is made with high-quality materials and is long-lasting – which means it will keep the kids busy for a while. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know about these amazing metal detectors for kids there is no reason for them to be bored again! Go through each one recommended and determine the best one for your kids’ needs! They will have fun with it.

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