10 Best Multimeters Under $100

You probably reviewed a lot of results when looking to find a multimeter for your next electrical project. Well, worry no more because we will give provide you with with the knowledge you need when choosing the best multimeter that is right for you.

First, a multimeter is a machine that is used to measure current, voltage, resistance, and other values of electricity. However, finding a multimeter that best suits your needs is not an easy task. After analyzing many products on the market, the following are top recommended affordable multimeters.

1. Amprobe AM-530 Multimeter

The Amprobe AM-530 multimeter was designed for professional electric contractors. You won’t go wrong if your needs match this type of multimeter. It has features that are made in a way that they accurately measure the voltage on equipment or machines that are affected by the harmonics. 

It is also a good deal when you are looking for a multimeter that can measure and authenticate the presence of electric voltage to connect equipment or perform repairs. This will automatically help you prevent getting shocks when handling electric devices during repairs.

The manufacturer has done a great job on this multimeter. What crosses your mind when you come across the word professional? It typically indicates a good understanding of something. The product is then dubbed as a choice for professional use due to its great inbuilt features.

2. Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter

This product is worth purchasing as it is the best fluke multimeter under 100. If you are looking for something light-weight to carry around, then this product will suit your needs. You don’t have to carry bags all day long since this multimeter can fit in your pocket. The product comes in a rugged and durable design that is long-lasting, and it’s the best cheap fluke multimeter.

Additionally, with this kind of product, you won’t have to go through the struggles of replacing a battery. The manufacturer has designed it in a way that its battery is easily replaceable when it shuts down. 

It’s also a great deal for beginners as the product does not have a ton of extra features that can be overwhelming to new users. This product is recommended as a great value for home use and industrial purposes. It’s  small and easy to use interface makes it a good choice for beginners.

3. AstroAI Digital Multimeter

Do you need a multimeter that can sustain the depth of your work for the whole day? Then this might be a great pick for you. Its features are ideal for commercial settings as it consists of a durable exterior that has a great value. Therefore, this product can handle a variety of heavy-duty works without failure.

This can be the best budget multimeter for you as it offers a variety of advantages. The product might look quite difficult to understand from its structure. However, it is easy to use and has convenient features for recording measurements. You will usually love it.

The manufacturer has incorporated an explosion-proof, double protection, and creamy fuse tubes that make this product secure and reliable for use. Additionally, the product is protected from explosions when overloaded, and the fuses ensure effective work performance by the multimeter.

4. Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter

If your focus is on the best budget auto-ranging multimeter, then you should consider this product. The manufacturing of this product has been developed with great features that can measure temperature, frequency, capacitance, duty cycles, among many more. Also, it is time-saving, and you won’t waste time much during use.

This product has also been built on durable materials that can withstand daily wear. Generally, this tool has a good range and measure. However, you must remember to carry test leads, alligator clips, pouch, thermocouple with an adapter, batteries alongside the device. Its design is just perfect and is made in a way that the batteries and fuse replacement is easily accessible.

This kind of multimeter is best used in basic and controlled electromagnetic environments, light industrial locations, and business environments. It’s indeed a great product that is worth your investment.

5. Triplett True RMS CAT III 6000 Count Digital Multimeter

This multimeter is rubberized over-molded materials that provide impact and resistance in sleek ergonomic designs. This can be a perfect catch for you if you are searching for the best digital multimeter under 100. The product is also designed in a way that auto-saves power and helps to maximize battery life.

The Triplett True RMS consists of 9V battery, K type temperature, alligator clips, and test clips that are incorporated on the device for effective functionality. This also has a 6000 backlit display that provides a 61 segment bar graph for effective measurements. Additionally, it offers a variety of rangers, such as voltage, continuity, frequency, resistance, capacitance, current, and diode test.

It is suited for use in various environments such as industrial areas, residential environments like security, home theater, electrical appliances, and installation, among many more. 

6. TRMS Digital Multimeter eM860T by ennoLogic

The TRMS digital multimeter seems to have taken over the market as the best budget multimeter for electronics. It’s the best multi-purpose multimeter for home and electronic uses, electricians, and ideal for electronic projects. So, if you are looking for a multimeter that can measure voltage in a handheld tool, then you in the right place.

This product offers auto-ranging and manual ranging functions. The ability of the product to display large easy to read measurements is just a plus. It is designed in a durable heavy-duty with a protective rubber sleeve that offers mechanical protection. It also has a bright backlight, and the auto power goes off after 15 minutes, which can be displaced by the user.

Moreover, it provides fast resistance measurements. The non-contact voltage detects function is useful for proximity voltage detection in circuits, cable wires, power cords, outlets, and switches. The abilities and functions of this multimeter are worth your pennies.8.

7. ennoLogic Digital Multimeter with Battery Tester

The accuracy in this device and its fast auto-ranging capabilities will attract the eyes of many. The uniqueness of its ability to detect AC power using the non-contact voltage makes this product stand out. You can’t go wrong with measurements using this multimeter as it displays large easy to read on LCD.

With this product, you can separate power buttons and allow the meter to be always ready for the most used functions on the device. The good news is that the manufacturer has fitted the meter with battery testers. The battery tester can test rechargeable batteries and provide the results of the remaining battery charge.

This is also a perfect meter for reading and offering very accurate DC voltages. We are sure you will appreciate the functionalities of this multimeter.

8. INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter

The manufacturer has worked hard to certify this product. Innova automotive multimeter is unique in its way and can be suitable for your needs. 

It has a variety of great features that you will love. First, it is dubbed as a professional multimeter used to detect problems in engines. Additionally, it can be used in switches, duty cycles, wiring, test alternator diodes, among others. It’s manufactured from durable material and has excellent features for auto-ranging, auto shut off, and overload protection.

The product comes with an inductive clamp, temperature probe, and a carrying case. These are among the tools that help fasten the efficiency of the meter. Check out this product, and you will love what it has to offer.

9. Proster Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Proster multimeter is affordable and works efficiently. Similar to others, this meter offers extensive multimedia with auto-ranging functions. This product only measures the AC and DC voltages, currents, duty-cycles, frequencies, temperature, and analog bar. It has an LCD display of 5999 and 2000uf relative measurements.

This is also great for maximal and minimal measurements that are auto or manual in range. It can detect low battery voltage, thus keeping batteries safe. The product also offers safety when overloading on all ranges and holds the data when using the data holding function. These special features provide safety and convenient when testing.

This Proster multimeter is made of a protective rubber sleeve that ensures the durability of the product. These multimeters do not wear out easily. The meter was made with an in-built support stand to provide stability when it is used hands free.

10. Mastech MS8268 Series Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter

If you are looking for a meter that is a sound warning, then you probably have to consider this type of a meter.it is an LED type of digital multimeter. This product tends to produce some sound when the jacks are wrongly used relative to the switch settings.

The meter offers auto manual ranging with relative measurements for all rangers except the frequency rangers. The good thing about this kind of meter is that the auto power can be disabled. 

It offers a relative measurement of Ac/Dc of 1000v/10a, 200 kHz, 200uf, 400 mohn, and a continuous diode check. The meter is affordable and easy to use. It also requires 3 AAA batteries to be used to help power the device. The manufactures also offer a one year warranty on this meter.


All the above multimeters are great in different ways and are used for various purposes. These multimeters come at affordable prices and they offer a reliable performance. Depending on the features and specifications you want, you can make comparison and pick any of the above best multimeters under $100.

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