Best Selling Corded Drills on the Market You Need to Get

When it comes to home improvement projects and quick fixes that need you to drill holes, drive screws or mix some components, having a good corded drill on hand makes life so much easier for you.

We are going to take a look at some of the best selling corded drills on the market that you can get right now to make the best of it. For those who already have one, but they want to replace it, this is the best place to look for the current models that are flying off the shelves.

Let’s get started.

Black and Decker DR260C

For the homeowner looking to get some serious drilling work done, but does not want the drill taking up a lot of space in the toolbox, the Black and Decker DR260C is one of the best selling corded drills in the market right now. At $22.05, it is pretty reasonably priced for use at home.

It is a very powerful corded drill at 5.5 Amps with a 3/8-inch drill and driver. The variable speed of the drill makes it easier for you to control the drill while you are drilling or driving as you use it. One of the most convenient features of the drill is the fact that you will never lose the drill bits. That is because it offers on-board storage for all the bits that come included with the drill itself.

SKIL 6335-02

If you are looking for a lot more power and greater stability for difficult home improvement projects that require some serious drilling action, the SKIL corded drill offers you everything you need. With a ½-inch keyed chuck that can accept large diameter drill bits designed for woodcutting and woodworking, this 7 Amp machine is one of the best selling corded drills in the market right now.

The variable speed trigger allows you to control speed manually for better stability. If you’re looking for more delicate control, the drill even has a supporting side handle, which allows you to make sure the drilling is completely accurate. At $43.00, it is a bit expensive compared to the Black and Decker model, but it is also more powerful.

Dewalt 8 Amp Drill

While the SKIl model provides you a pretty decent amount of power, there are some homeowners who want to buy a drill that gives them the performance that professional level drills do. Dewalt is one of the most famous manufacturers to meet their needs and they have the Dewalt DWD115K to give them what they need.

A professional level drill, the Dewalt model has a mid-handle grip and comes with a keyless chuck for the most convenience whenever you want to switch out the drill bits. The VSR trigger allows you superior control on the drill for a drastically wide range of applications across the board from fastening to drilling through wood.

While the Dewalt will set you back a good $79.00, it is a pretty good investment for the longevity this machine provides for the owner.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for something relatively light duty like the Black and Decker or something completely professional level like the Dewalt, these three are some of the best selling corded drills that you can get in the market right now. Choose one which works best for you and matches your budget.

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