5 Best Shopping Apps For Women’s Clothes

The easy accessibility of cell phones and the Internet has made shopping a breeze. You can skip the packed crowd and lines in a shopping mall by using some of the best shopping apps available for women’s clothes.

Whether you are looking for a matching top to go with your skirt, a gift for your best friend, or a gown for an upcoming formal event, everything is available at your fingertips!

Check out these 5 top shopping apps for women’s clothes:

1.    Rue La La

Rue La La is created for women who are style-conscious but want to shop on a budget. This app offers products from some of the top brands with around 70% off! You can find clothes, accessories, beauty products, shoes and what not on it.

It is definitely a one-stop quick online store that can cater to all your shopping needs. However, you need to become a member first to browse through and order products from this app. Not to worry, all you need is an email address to sign up and it is totally free!

You can download the Rue La La app for iPhone here and for Android devices here.

2.    ShopStyle

This is another amazing app where you can hunt for a trendy new outfit to add to your wardrobe. Through this app, you will have access to more than 18 million items from various retailers and brands in one place. You can even set alerts so that you can score your favorite item when it goes on sale.

You can download the Shopstyle app for iPhone here and for Android devices here.

3.    Poshmark

Another great fashion app many women swear by, Poshmark has been specifically designed for women who want to sell their stylish, slightly used clothes that they don’t wear anymore. Being slightly used means they are sold at reasonable prices.

It is like having access to the amazing wardrobe of the most fashionable women around the country at your fingertips. You cannot only purchase these clothes but you can also sell off your own slightly used clothing.

You can download the Poshmark app here.

4.    Shopbop

This app comprises one of the best accessory and apparel selections online. With its easy-to-use navigation, you can browse through more than 800 different labels. You can also find contemporary designers to high-end ones.

What’s more, you can keep track on your favorite items by liking them. This means if that item goes on sale or if its price is reduced, you would immediately know. The best part? If you have an Amazon Prime account then you can get two-day shipping, free of cost.

You can download the Shopbob app here.

5.    Spring

This app is similar to ShopStyle, and offers fashionable apparel items from more than 1,500 brands. It features several popular brands like Michael Kors, Urban Outfitters, Alexander Wang, Nike, Coach and more.

This app also offers free shipping, as well as returns and cashbacks almost every day! It is also well-known for its excellent customer service.

Online shopping has definitely revolutionized the way we shop. You have the opportunity to browse through thousands of brands at one place, and get amazing discounts and deals. These 5 shopping apps will definitely help you find the perfect fashionable clothing items, along with accessories and shoes to jazz up your look.

You can learn more about the Spring iPhone app here.

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