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Shopping at eBay came at a time when most people were fed up of standing in the meandering queues for ages. One only requires to create an account with this site and instantly begin shopping. While online shopping is convenient and saves you lots of cash and time, you need to know the best times to shop if you want to get even more savings. Below is a detailed guide on the best times to shop on eBay and the items to get during those times.

Christmas Holiday Season


You know that Christmas is that time of the year when everyone feels like showing some love. At eBay, the status is the same. Shopping on eBay during the festive season will have you enjoying massive discounts of over 50% on a majority of the merchandise. This includes food items, clothes, electronics, and their accessories, as well as, furniture. However, due to the busy nature of this period, deliveries may delay by a day or two. So, to counter this, it is advisable for shoppers to place their orders earlier than they need the products and give ample time for their delivery.

Back to School Period

The back to school period in September is usually the best time to shop on eBay. Why? Because not only does this store offer cheap offers on school items, but it is also the period where they try to get schools to buy laptops and other learning material. And while you may not own a school, you will benefit from the lucrative discounts on stationery and uniform. At the same time, you can get yourself a new laptop and other amazing gadgets at meager prices from the store.

After Christmas

It is evident that eBay and other online stores get fresh stock before Christmas to cater to the needs of their clients. Foodstuffs, toys, decoration, gifts, cards, and electronics are some of the many things that they bring into the store during this time. Once the festivities are over, this company strives to get rid of old stock and make room for new things. Considering that around this time is when winter is winding up, you will enjoy cheaper rates for winter clothes then.

Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is the single day where everyone across the glove enjoys subsidized prices on almost everything available in stores. You can get a hold of both trending and non-trending items easily. What makes this one of the best times to shop on eBay is the fact that most companies and individuals are pressured to reduce their prices. As such, it is almost automatic that anyone who fails to join the Black Friday bandwagon will not register massive sales as their competitors.

During this season, shoppers enjoy the leverage of getting various types of inventory. Clothes and electronics, as well as makeup and accessories, are some of the best-selling commodities online during this season.

eBay’s Random Promotional Days

From time to time, eBay avails promotional activities that help boost their sales. Such incentives are introduced when people are adamant about shopping. In most cases, you will find that other essential activities that require financial support are many, making it difficult for buyers to choose luxuries over necessities. Promotions allow shoppers to pick whatever they need and pay using codes, that is the key to reducing inventory prices.

It is also not uncommon to see both new and repeat clients are receiving shopping coupons for free. Such days are random, which means that you have to be an avid shopper on this site to know when they are active. However, newer shoppers can subscribe to receiving newsletters that inform them when promotions are due.

eBay’s Anniversary

Every year, eBay celebrates the addition of years to its gallery. During this time, the site is known to offer freebies to its clients as a token of appreciation. Some of these can be randomly awarded to individuals, while others are given to each client. If you are up for a treat, visit the website around this time to claim your prize.

eBay Auctions on Busy Days

eBay is known to work unconventionally. While most other sites work on building brands, eBay allows direct individuals to sell their inventory from the comfort of their homes and offices. As such, sellers auction their goods to the highest bidder. Take advantage of such opportunities to get yourself something new.

More interestingly, auctions on busy days are rated poorly since most people are at work or watching a soccer game or doing something that is trending. Additionally, opt for weekdays during the early morning or late in the evening. Choose unconventional times when people are bound to be stuck in traffic or trying to catch a wince of sleep before the new day begins.


Be aware that on eBay shopping is mostly done through bidding. The person who manages to pay the highest price for a commodity gets to walk away with it. As such, you need to be careful when it comes to fighting for some items. This is because the condition that they are in may not match the price, meaning that you may actually pay for a less worthy item if you are not keen.

Bottom Line

While most of the times mentioned above are ideal for garnering freebies and discounts, it should be noted that the number of people shopping online may be slightly higher, especially during festivities. Consequently, the system may be slow, considering that it is burdened with the task of accommodating millions of people on such days.

Make it a point of being the first to spot these deals to ensure that you have the best shopping experience on this site. More so, see to it that you research deeply on the items you want to purchase. Do not be fooled into paying for the item until you verify that it is in the condition stated by the seller or else you may end up losing your money.

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