Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 Dishwasher Review

When it comes to home appliances, Bosch is one of the best names in the business. With high-quality appliances that meet or exceed the standards of their competitors, it is not hard to see how they built their reputation. With the Bosch 500 stainless steel fully integrated dishwasher, this manufacturer has continued their practice of producing some of the best appliances on the market.

Features of the Bosch SHP65T55UC500 Dishwasher

With this model, users get a top of the line dishwasher that is designed to fit neatly into their kitchen. It comes with tons of convenient features and it is made to be very easy to use. When consumers get this dishwasher, they get a model that is dependable, reliable and effective.

  • 3rd rack for additional load capacity
  • Versatile interior with adjustable racks
  • LED display
  • Quiet operation
  • Half load washing option
  • InfoLight operation indicator
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • Self latching door
  • Sanitize option to help eliminate bacteria
  • ExtraShine option for improved results
  • Comes with 5 wash cycles including Auto, Power Scrub Plus, Regular, Quick Wash and Rinse
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Energy Star approved
  • Dimensions: 33 7/8 ” x 23 9/16 ” x 23 3/4 ” (H x W x D)
  • Required cutout size: 33 7/8 ” x 23 5/8 ” x 24 ” (H x W x D)

Pros and Cons

As far as being a dishwasher that delivers the expected results, the Bosch 500 stainless steel fully integrated dishwasher does that and more. The ultra-quiet operation makes it an appliance that does not make for an added disturbance when you are in the kitchen and the InfoLight lets you know that it is still running. The sanitize option is one the nicest features that helps to make this product a great buy. With the Sanitize option on, users can be assured that not only will their dishes look clean, but they will also be bacteria free. Along with having tons of great features and functions, the stainless steel finish and flush frame make for an appliance that also looks good.

The high points on this model come from the versatility and effectiveness, but some people might have a hard time with installation. Unless you are replacing an older dishwasher or if you have experience with installing dishwashers, you might need to hire a professional installer. However, if you already have the cutout in your cabinets and the provisions are already setup, installation is relatively easy.

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What makes this dishwasher a good buy?

This model includes so many features that do not come with most competing models. With tons of features and functions, this is a dishwasher that really goes the extra distance to make the user’s life easier. Having the third rack, users can wash 30% more than many other models and it can wash up to 18 place settings in one load. When all is said and done, this dishwasher is a good buy because gets good results, has a variety of user friendly features and it is reliable.

If you are shopping for an integrated dishwasher, you will have a hard time finding one that can produce results that can compare to this model. It looks great, it has all of the options that you will need and it is very easy to operate. The Bosch 500 stainless steel fully integrated dishwasher is an appliance that is really a cut above the rest.

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