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What’s Worth Buying at the Dollar Store ?

Dollar stores are a great resource for items you might find at double the price in grocery stores or party supplies stores. If you’re looking for quality merchandise, dollar stores are not the place to go, but they are a great way to save money for the items on this list.


Do you or your kids always sit on, scratch, or lose your sunglasses? A good rule of thumb with dollar stores is to trust metal merchandise. Unless it’s jewelry, metal items won’t break very easily. The dollar store has sunglasses in stock that hold up well, and unlike designer shades, you won’t be too upset if they get lost.

Beauty Supplies

There’s usually a beauty aisle in every dollar store, and the merchandise can be hit or miss. If you’re looking to try out a new shade of nail polish, the dollar store is a good resource for you. But if you don’t want to have chipped paint in a week, try a better brand. You can’t beat the prices on chapstick, however. In Target, a 3 pack of Smackers is four dollars or more, but you can save at the dollar store with last season’s “flavors.”

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If you’re looking for summer toys for kids, the dollar store is the place to go. If you have a pool or plan to go to the beach, kites last a surprisingly long time. Sand shovels, buckets, and nets for catching creatures are also much cheaper than if you bought them at shops along the boardwalk. For rainy days, you’ll find jigsaw puzzles and coloring books at prices that can’t be beat. Exercise extra caution, however, if you have young children who could choke on small pieces.


Believe it or not, many dollar stores have helium tanks right in the store. If you’ve ever paid for those Disney themed Mylar balloons at a party store, you know how expensive they can run. Instead, head to the dollar store and save money with their Mylar and latex balloons. They may not have every style, but they have a decent selection, and the prices are too good to ignore.

Party Decorations

If you’re having a party, head to the dollar store for your decorations. They sell everything from plastic tablecloths to birthday candles to crepe paper at half the price you would pay at a party supplier. There are even birthday banners you can hang on your mailbox for that special day. When the guests leave, you can get unbeatable deals on gift bags for their favors too.

Pet Toys

Don’t forget about Daisy for your dollar store shopping! If you have pets, dollar stores are perfect for the animals that chew up their toys anyway. A four pack of plastic jingle bells will cost you twice as much at a pet store, and the same goes for hard rubber bones, tennis balls, or plush chew toys. You can find deals on accessories as well; look for plastic pet food dishes and pooper scoopers.

Hand Tools

If you’re not a professional handyman or don’t use tools often enough to make expensive ones worth it, the dollar store is a great place to find small tools like pliers or screwdrivers. You can also find eyeglasses kits with tiny tools that cost much more at convenient stores. They may not be the best quality on the market, but if they do the job, then you may not be missing out.

If you are trying to stick to your budget, dollar stores are a great way to save money. You’d be surprised what dollar store treasures you can find that would cost you far more in specialty stores.

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