Fashions That Never Fade

There are many reasons why a piece of clothing never goes out of style.

The first is functionality. Jeans, for example, are easily cleaned, nearly impossible to stain look better when faded, and hold up to any abuse. You can wear them with a t-shirt to school, a white blouse to lunch, a shirt and jacket to dinner or a sweater to evening bible study. A good pair of jeans can take you anywhere short of a funeral.  

Another reason some things never go out of style is beauty. Diamonds are nice. They work with no ostentation, no added filigree or design.  A plain diamond stud earring is lovely just by itself. This is why you can always wear diamonds.

When you buy a timeless piece of clothing, you are really making an investment. That look will always be with you and if you buy a quality designer piece, the actual clothing will, too. The following is a list of styles that are always in.

The Black Dress

The Little Black Dress (and it must be capitalized) was made popular in the ‘40s by Audrey Hepburn and Chanel.  It has been continuously popular ever since, so much so that it has become essential. Black looks great on anyone, and a knee length dress is sexy but formal. It can take the place of a formal gown in a pinch and is easy to accessorize.



Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans have been around since the 19th century as work wear for men, but in the 1940s, during the Rosie the Riveter movement, women began wearing them in the workplace. Since then, blue jeans for women have never been out of style.

When you buy jeans, spend as much as you can afford on a designer pair in the fit that is best for you. Then, pay more to have them tailored to your shape exactly. If you have generous hips, you will want to avoid flared or boot cut jeans. Get a straight leg instead. If you are petite, flared is also a bad idea for you. Avoid  distressing and stylized fading as these can highlight your trouble areas.

A good, quality pair of jeans will last longer than anything you buy. A pair of jeans that cost $100 bucks plus the cost of tailoring is worth it because twenty years from now, not only will those jeans still be intact, they will probably still be stylish.


Cashmere Wrap

It is the simplest piece you could own. A luxurious length of cloth designed to keep you warm, comforted and looking good. It is the ultimate accessory for your little black dress or any dress.

Diamond Studs

Earrings come in all shapes and sizes. You probably have an example of every style. Yet, the simple diamond stud, in any cut, can easily take the place of them all. Unlike pearls, they can be worn by females of any age, even little girls. Unlike hoops or chandeliers, they move easily from day to evening, casual to dressy. Invest in a good pair and you will never be sorry.


Trench Coat

The classic trench comes in different weights and materials, so you can buy a light one for the spring chill and a heavy one for full blown winter days. Also, its versatility means you can buy whatever weight you need to suit the climate you live in. Buy the best fabric you can afford.

White Shirt

A white collared shirt is like a blank slate. It can be worn with jeans and since white goes with anything, it pairs with a blazer of any color. It takes a pair of jeans from casual to dressy. Remove your suit jacket and wear slacks and white shirt to dinner. It gives you more looks for your money and comes in a variety of styles. Wear ruffles for romance and femininity or straight button down for business-as-usual.


Tote Bags

A tote bag goes with everything. You could spend a fortune on a cute bag that only goes with a certain pair of shoes or a certain dress but, a simple tote in a neutral color will go with all of your casual clothes. Get one in a durable material that won’t scuff, stain or rip and it will serve you well as an all-around errand bag.



Short-sleeved or long-sleeved, a turtleneck is simple but elegant. It works like a warmer version of the white shirt, pairing with blue jeans, a skirt, slacks or even a suit. Black is the best color for a turtleneck, because it makes you look sophisticated no matter what you pair it with.


Tailored Trousers

Women wearing trousers was a big deal years ago. It was one of the first signs of female liberation. Of course, back in the day, the poor suffragettes had to settle for ill-fitting pants that looked ridiculous. Today, women have pants just for them. Retail clothes are not likely to fit off-the-rack. You will want to have them tailored.  


Sheath Dress

The popularity of the dress comes and goes but, its suitability never changes. You can always wear a dress because they come in all shapes but the sheath dress, which pulls over your head and fits your body like a glove, works for every body type. You can accessorize freely with scarves, belts, bags, hats, shoes, jewelry and hosiery. It is the daytime version of the Little Black Dress.

Final Thoughts

A dress that moves freely between day and evening wear. A pair of jeans perfectly broken in. By owning these items, you are putting an end to the ‘nothing to wear’ excuse. Fashion is dynamic. It changes from season to season, year to year.  But some things never change. These are the things that every woman needs in her wardrobe. “Timeless” is always worth your time.

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