History of Michele Watches

Michele Watches started way back in the early 1940s. Over the years, the brand has grown in popularity, taking the fashion industry by storm for its stylish watches. Barouh, a Belgian, worked in hand with Swiss watch-making companies and is the founder of the Michele Watches. He believed in high quality materials, which challenged his skills, making him come up with watches that reflected his hard work and devotion to watch-making.

The company’s story is traced back in the 1940’s where Maurice Barouh, a watchmaker, started it. He only believed in using the highest quality type of material when using his art to make watches. Maurice passed his artistic skills, values, and horology passion to his son Jack. His son continued his father’s legacy. Like his father Barouh, Jack had a particular type of skill where he garnered massive acclaim for attention that’s detailed exceptional. This skill made him different from the targeted contemporaries. Unlike his father Barouh, Jack had a clear eye of identifying trending fashion designs. Jack took this design and interpreted them into the watches. They were courant and timeless.


Jack designed his own watches, and like his father, gained popularity due to his art work. Actually, he came up with even better designs than his father that were even more captivating to the general market. In the year 1995, Jack moved to Latin America, where he continued with his art. He found himself a wife in Latin America. He married Rita and both had a daughter named Michele Barouh; hence, the name “Michele Watches”. Their daughter motivated them to start designing children’s watches, which hit the market really good. Being successful in this business, they were able to relocate to Miami to expand their art.

Michele Watches and Its Road to Fame

As the third generation of the Barouh, Michele joined the family business in 2000. Currently, she is the creative director of the business and guides the visions of the company. She has managed to take the business a notch higher and come up with more designs. Therefore, she has been able to carry along with her father’s legacy.

In 2004, Fossil Group acquired Michele, increasing the brand’s international distribution. Despite the company acquiring the brand, the family is still active in its day to day activities, with Michele the leader behind its latest success in the fashion industry.

Michele Watches Today

Today, the company is able to offer highly customized watches, with a couple of different strap combination, which are seen all over the world. She has been able to increase the brand’s name, and she remains to be the leader behind the business success to date.

Michele Watches have been able gain popularity over the past few years, becoming the favorite among people of all walks of life. It’s the preferred brand because of its unique style, artistic design and quality materials. All these features fuse together to make the Michele Watches an artistic harmony. The company has been featured in different radio, magazine and television.

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