How to Find the Original Price Before Discounts: A Detailed Guide

Are you one of those people who like shopping on a budget? Do you follow all the sales and deals religiously in order to get your hands on the best ones? Do you feel you need to know how to find original price before discount in order to compare the product being sold in different online and retail stores?

If your answer is a “Yes.” to these questions, then you have come to the right place. We understand how essential it is for you as a customer to know the prices of the product before and after discounts. This not only helps you determine the best deal for yourself but also saves you from the rip-off deals.

How to Find Original Price Before Discount?

Well, to start with, you need at least basic math skills. However, you do not have to worry if complex problems or math has never been your best skill. That is because we have compiled for you both the manual as well as electronic ways to determine the original price.

Manual Methods

We have broken down this “complex” problem in easy steps to help you out. Learn these steps, and you will find yourself calculating the original price yourself in no time. With this smart skill, you can make your shopping more fun.

The Basic

1. Take the original price which is unknown as “x”. It can also be written as:

  • Original Price = x

2. The discount rate, as well as the sale price, will be given to you. For example, take the discount rate at 40% and the sale price is at $100. That is:

  • Discount Rate = 40%
  • Sale Price = $100

3. Divide the percentage discount by 100 and multiply it by the original price to find the variable of the price which is equal to the actual discount given. That is:

  • 40/100 = 0.4
  • 0.4*x = 0.4x

4. Add the sale price and actual discount to find the original price.

  • Original Price = Sales Price + Actual Discount
  • X = 100 + 0.4x

5. Solve the equation to find the value of x.

  • x-0.4x = 100
  • 0.6x = 100
  • x = 100/0.6 = $167

Therefore, the original price is $167.

Ratio Method

This is an alternate method that you can learn and use. We have broken it down into simple steps to make it easier for you to figure out how to find original price before discount.

1. You will have to know about the discount rate as well as the sale price. For convenience, let us give them the same value as we did in the first method.

  • Discount Rate = 40%
  • Sales Price = $100

2. Subtract the discount rate by 100 to get the percentage of the original price. That is:

  • 100 – Discount rate = Original price
  • 100 -40 = 60

3. After that, you multiply the sale price by 100. That is:

  • 100 * 100 = 10000

4. Divide the result in step 2 by the original price. That is:

  • 10000/ Original price
  • 10000/ 60 = $167

In short, these two are the manual ways to calculate the original price of the product. By getting the hang of these steps, you will not be only calculating the original price in no time but also literally at the tips of your fingers.

Electronic Methods

In this digital world, technology has made almost every impossible task possible. If math problems send shivers down your spine when it comes to calculating your monthly utility bills or helping your child with their school homework, smartphone apps are here to save your day.

In order to make your shopping easier, apps have been developed to make sure you do not exceed your budget of shopping. These apps also ensure that you do not remain deprived of your favorite pair of jeans or shoes; thus, they update you on deals and discounts on your favorite brands. Some of these apps also provide you with the feature of determining the price before the discount.

1. iOS Apps

For the iOS store, apps such as the Percentage Calculator can be used on the iPhone as well as the iPad. This app helps calculate the percentage of one value relative to the other, so it can be used to find the original price.

In addition to this app, other apps like Discount Calculator with Shopping List, Coupons Reminders & Sales Tax Guide, Sales Tax, Discount Calculator, Tip and Price Shopping Calculator, Discount Assistant Shopping Calculator, and Tip Tax Calculator are also available.

Other than calculating the discount and cross-checking the original price, these apps can be used to calculate the price after tax as well as tips. Most of these apps are also free to use.

2. Android Apps

For Android phones, we have apps such as the Discount Calculator. In this app, you can cross check the sale price yourself by adding the discount rate as well as the original price in the app. If the sale price matches the one on the store, you can use the reverse percentage method to cross-check the original price.

In addition to this, Sale Discounting Price Shopping Calculator is available. You can also calculate the money you have saved from this app, and it is free to use.

Why Is It Important to Learn About Before and After Discount Prices?

We are living in a world where the market is vast, and the competition is tough. Brands and stores must go through extreme measures at times to remain in the race. To be in the spotlight, what they seek is the attention of their consumers. In order to keep us satisfied, these brands and shops offer many amazing deals and discounts.

For us, the one thing that mostly restricts us to shop our heart’s desire is our budget. Therefore, we always have our eyes open for any deal and discounts available. But in this process, we do not pay heed to how some companies that are claiming to be on a flat 50% rip off sale.

They do this by either giving us a minor discount or increasing the original price first and then putting it on discount. In both of these cases, it is essential to know the original price before the discount. Thus, we have given you a step-by-step guide as well as smart ways of determining the original price that can enhance your shopping experience.

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