How to Save a Ton of Money on Keurig Coffee

If you recently bought a Keurig coffee machine, you may surprised at how much a box of K-Cups cost. A 36-count box of Donut Shop coffee, for example, costs almost $43 at Amazon’s Keurig store. But there are ways you can significantly save on your coffee purchase, making the Keurig machine a far more reasonable option than your average Starbucks run.

1. Shop at Rite Aid, Staples, Duane Reade or T.J.Maxx. Rite Aid and T.J.Maxx have some of the cheapest prices on Keurig coffee. Rite Aid becomes an even bigger bargain when you join their rewards program and wait for a sale on Keurig boxes. Duane Reade also has a points program, and sells trial-sized versions of K-Cups, allowing you to sample flavors before your commit. Staples has a wide selection of K-Cups. Don’t buy at full price, though. Wait for the regular coupons for K-Cups in their weekly circular.

2.  Buy a reusable K-Cup. Reusable K-Cups allow you to fill up a cup with the ground coffee of your choice. This has the potential to save you even more money than just waiting for a sale at Rite Aid. You get far more cups of coffee from a can of ground coffee than from a box of K-Cups, and a can of ground coffee will be cheaper than the average K-Cup box. (Bustelo at Rite Aid can be very cheap.) The only problems are the reusable cup tends to be messy and you have to clean out the cup often, which can get tiring. Google “reusable cup for K-Cup” if you want to purchase this item. Keurig also makes its own brand of K-Cup.

3. Hunting for super bargains on eBay can also save you dough. There are currently over 15,000 K-cup items available for purchase on eBay. The lowest, a 16-cup box of tea, is under $1. With eBay, you must check out a seller’s feedback score to make sure you are dealing with an honest person, and sometimes, you will lose out on a bid if it’s a popular item. Search using the lowest to highest price search option.

4. Get creative. The website Freebie Depot also mentions reusable K-Cups and eBay, and some other cool ways to get K-Cups on the cheap, such as hitting up the dollar store and wholesale clubs. Flea markets are another good way to get K-Cups at a discount price. Make sure the box has not been open and that the date is good.

5. Do the math. While all these tips can help save you money, you should always employ one simple mathematical trick to make sure you are really getting a good deal. Divide the price of the box into the amount of K-Cups you are getting. If the price is fifty cents or less, then it is a good deal, especially considering that the average cost of coffee on the outside is often four times that amount.

As you can see, it is fairly easy to save money on K-Cups if you do a little grunt work beforehand, or just know where to shop. Using any or all of these tips will ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your coffee cup. And don’t stop here. Continue to brainstorm ways to save by Googling “cheapest K-Cups” or just keeping your eyes open at the regular places you shop. As any savvy shopper knows, new deals can pop up anywhere and at any time.

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