How to Spot a Counterfeit Chanel Handbag

A Chanel handbag is a highly coveted item for many women. Chanel is one of the most widely recognized names in high end designer handbags. The name itself denotes style, elegance and sophistication. An authentic Chanel handbag is a major purchase, costing thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, counterfeit Chanel handbags are sold everyday to unsuspecting consumers who are looking for a bargain.

Shopping at a Chanel boutique or authorized reseller is the only way to guarantee that you are purchasing an authentic Chanel handbag. You will be paying the full retail price for the handbag, and this can be quite costly. Counterfeiters know this, which is what makes fake designer handbags so attractive to manufacture and sell. Everyone loves a bargain.

Bargains can be found on a previously owned Chanel handbag if you are familiar with some easy to remember rules. It is rare, but not impossible, to find an authentic used Chanel handbag on eBay, at a garage sale, or at a thrift store. If you’re familiar with the basics of Chanel designs, you could obtain a real bargain.

You will not find authentic new Chanel purses at discount stores or websites. Chanel controls where and how their products are sold. Chanel sets the retail price, and they never allow a retailer to sell mistakes or irregular Chanel handbags at discount.  

A new counterfeit Chanel bag is often accompanied by a dust bag, a receipt and tags in an attempt to look authentic. Brand new authentic Chanel handbags come with a black Chanel dust bag with white lettering. No other colors are used for the dust bag and lettering. The handbags are never shrink wrapped for shipment or storage.

Chanel handbags are sold with a white paper tag that includes the style name and number, the color, a bar code and the price on one side and Chanel and the double “C” on the other side. All authentic Chanel bags have a hologram sticker on the inside and come with a matching authenticity card.

The numbers on the sticker and the numbers on the card must match. The Chanel name is always correctly spelled, counterfeit bag and counterfeit tags often contain misspellings.

Chanel handbags are a work of art. The details and fine craftsmanship are the reason that high end designer handbags are so expensive. This is the very reason that counterfeit Chanel bags are easy to spot. You can spot a counterfeit designer handbag by this lack of quality and workmanship. The famous Chanel logo is comprised of two interlocking letters “C”, facing away from each other.

This is one of the first things that many counterfeiters usually don’t get right.. The top of the right “C” should bisect the top of the left “C.”. These two upper case letters should be perfect and be exact mirror images. One “C” should never be wider or taller than the other and is a common and easy to spot counterfeit flaw.

An authentic Chanel bag will have perfect, precise even stitches. All patterns and quilting should match perfectly. This fine craftsmanship is something that counterfeiters have a hard time copying. Even on the tags, all wording is spelled exactly right; no text is slightly tilted, or unevenly spaced. The leather should be of extremely high quality.

All the handbags details should be perfect, inside and out. Perfection is the key to authenticity. Chanel will destroy any handbag that is not perfect, any imperfections however slight should scream counterfeit!  

Don’t forget to examine the handbag’s hardware. One side of the zipper pull is engraved with the name Chanel and the other is engraved with the double “C” Chanel logo. The zipper pull will always  match the rest of the handbag’s hardware in color and texture. It should feel heavy compared to any other handbags and be extremely sturdy. Chanel does not use cheap hardware.

Do not be deterred by people who tell you that a Chanel or other designer handbag is only a status symbol. An authentic designer handbag is an investment that will last a lifetime with proper care. If you knowingly purchase a counterfeit designer bag, you are supporting sweatshop labor, often performed by children in very poor working conditions for very little pay.

It is illegal to sell counterfeit merchandise, and any retailer willing to break the law should not be patronized.

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