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Every year people in America can do online shopping or in store shopping. In addition to, people do more shopping holidays more. If you not familiar with the US shopping sales calendar then continue reading to learn our to take advantage of shopping holidays.

The US shopping sales calendar helps companies with profits. There are theme shopping and that will draw in customers for that specific day of shopping. The shopping holidays tends to be closer towards the end of the year. Here is the of the most popular time to spend money.


January is the month of New Year and companies want to start the year right with The White Sales. The White Sales is when major department stores put discounted beddings, bath products, home decors, and sometimes furnitures. It can be from 20% off and up to 75% off from the regular price. It can be difficult online or in person.


February is the month of love and gifts. Valentine’s Day is on the 14th and the gifts can range from flowers, candy, or even jewelry. This month is also a popular month for trunk shows for weddings. This is when brides can discounted wedding dress and other wedding items that are needed.


March is the kickstart of the traveling season. This when spring break starts, honeymoon is booked, and families start packing for vacations. People who like to Ski will have an extra advantage because ski gear prices will reduced. Easter deals can start on this month as well. St. Patrick’s day is also this month so look out for St. Paddy’s day deals – don’t forget to wear green.


Companies will make a lot of money for Easter Sunday and the Lent season. The really no set date because it has to wait after the Full Moon. As for the appliances, it the whole month because of the “spring cleaning”. Earth day is in this month and people use this day to clean the house and buy more cleaning products such as vacuum cleaner.


The month of May have several holidays. Mother’s Day is held the second Sunday and any mothers from expecting to the great great grandmother will be celebrated, the most demand are clothes, flowers, and jewelry. Memorial’s Day is the last Monday of the month. Companies have different sales for those two days and electronics tend to be the most bought items for people that aren’t in those two categories.


June is the month to celebrate all the Fathers in America. It is held in the third Sunday and different items are bought for this holiday. Grills and tools tend to be the most in demand. Each stores has different sales and it can be from clothings, jewelry, and even video games.


July is the month of independence and it is the 4th. Companies offers sales on anything you can think of. Even dealerships make a lot of money in this month. Major department stores offer sales on clothes, shoes, grills, food, and so much more.


This is when students goes back to school to learn but, it is only available for 16 States. This is when such as grocery stores, drug stores, or any stores that sell school supplies. However, it expand to shoes, backpack, and clothes. Small business also offers free or reduced hairstyles for the students.


September is similar to the month of May. Labor’s Day is the first Monday. The sales is the same as the Memorial’s Day because electronics tends to be the top sellers. If it not electronics, then it is the clothes, shoes, bags, and even vehicles. The sales can be up to 50% off from the original price.


This month that a lot if people start to wait for because of Halloween. It is on the 31st of this month and the sales is only on selected items. It has to be related to Halloween such as pumpkins, make up, and costumes. Candy and decorations tend to be consumers favorites and companies like to focus on that more.


This month is when business start to make a lot of money. Veteran’s Day is on the 11th and the veterans can save more money because they have a special discount. Black Friday is after thanksgiving and the sales can range from 5% to 75% off on anything the companies decide to sell off. Cyber Monday is that Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday, it is online shopping only.


This the busiest month and biggest financial gain month. Christmas Eve is on the 24th, Christmas’s Day is on the 25th, and New Year Eve is on the 31st. This month there is a sale on everything you can think of. Small to large businesses will have sales that customers will spend their money on and it can be from food, clothes, vehicles, gaming, electronics, and even hotel bookings.

Final Thoughts

If somebody misses one month, wait until the next month to the purchase. You save money and find great deals once you realize timing is everything in the retail world. Just budget ahead of time and use our shopping calendar to get the best deals.

Check competitor prices here versus the places you normally shop. See if you will get a better deal and quality on the product. Some stores allows coupons that can be used even if the product is already marked down.

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