Carnage Comic Framed Art Print

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Carnage Comic Framed Art Print: Maximum Carnage! Don’t miss this fantastic Carnage Comic Framed Art Print featuring a The Amazing Spider-Man comic book cover starring Carnage bringing the fight to his archenemy Venom. With vivid colors and a transparent gel textured coating that protects it and gives it a stunning movie screen-type finish, this striking poster-style print measures 17-inches tall x 11-inches wide in a 19-inch x 13-inch black MDF frame with no glass or plexiglass and includes 2 sawtooth hangers on the back for easy installation. Grab yours while you can! But wait, there’s more! Add to your enjoyment of this extraterrestrial Klyntar Symbiote with the Carnage Battle Framed Art Print, Carnage Swinging Framed Art Print, and Carnage Symbiote Framed Art Print! Each sold separately.

UPC 0638211226669

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