Evoroids EVG-R01 Jyro-N Model Kit

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Evoroids EVG-R01 Jyro-N Model Kit: Easy to assemble, easy to transform! A new series of plastic model kits featuring cool and cute chibi robots by mechanical designer Kunio Okawara has arrived! The instructions for this series include a comic drawn by Koichi Tokita. Always calm and composed, JYRO-N is a tactical support Evoroid that can transform from a chibi robot to a combat helicopter with no interchangeable parts required! This series uses a universal core part that utilizes 3mm joints with a simple design that are easy to combine in order to modify and transform the models for a wide range of customizations. The 3mm joints are compatible with Kotobukiya’s other original series, such as Frame Arms, Hexa Gear, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, and more, allowing you to create a wide range of custom mechas limited only by your imagination!

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