Fraggle Rock Uncle Travelling Matt Pin

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Fraggle Rock Uncle Travelling Matt Pin: Gobo’s Uncle Travelling Matt is the greatest living Fraggle explorer – the Fraggle equivalent of an astronaut. After completing his exploration of Fraggle Rock, he ventured forth into our world, a place the Fraggles call ‘Outer Space.’ He sends his observations back to Gobo on postcards in care of Doc (who inevitably tosses them into the trash, since he doesn’t know anyone named Gobo Fraggle). Because Matt looks at our world through Fragglish eyes, he is liable to have a very different interpretation of what he sees then we do. Upon noticing a parking meter, for example, Matt might write to Gobo about ‘the sidewalk creatures who eat round shiny food and then stick their little red tongues up for more.’ 1 1/4-inch in size, hard enamel, two posts with black rubber clutch, on backing card in hanging poly plastic sleeve.

UPC 0619264930116

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