FRAM G2 In-Line Gasoline Filter

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Efficient Fuel Injection Performance demands this high volume accessory, The FRAM Fuel Filter line includes Steel and Plastic Conductive In – line Fuel Filters to meet the needs of virtually all engine configurations, Designed for Fuel Injection Systems and Oxygenated Fuels, High Technology Filtration, Clean fuel is important because there are small jets and passages in the opening in a fuel injector, The fuel filter is responsible for keeping the smaller contaminants in the system out of the engine and other fuel delivery components, To ensure this cleanliness, fuel filters are installed in the fuel line, On today’s fuel injected vehicle, the opening in the injectors is extremely small and can be easily clogged causing fuel delivery problems, Filters can be located at any point between the fuel tank and the engine fuel rail, The most common placement is mounted on the underside frame rail between the fuel tank and engine. Length: 2.286″ Width: 2.286″ Height: 5.161″ Shipping Weight: 0.175 lb Application: Automotive Manufacturer #: G2.

UPC 0009100350039

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