Muv-Luv Alternative F-22A Raptor Model Kit

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Muv-Luv Alternative F-22A Raptor Model Kit: A Japanese import from Kotobukiya! The amazing model kits celebrating the giant robots of Muv Luv Alternative continue with a new version of the American 3rd generation Tactical Surface Fighter, the F-22A Raptor! Renowned for its stealth as well as its versatility in fighting BETA and other TSFs, the Raptor performed amazing well against other American models. Now you can take home this incredible fighting unit in a brand new look that captures its aerodynamic style, heavy armor, and unique accents like knee protrusions, back-mounted thrusters, and of course its triangular head with a whole new color scheme based on the original design (the previously released EMD Phase 2 version was a later development). The Raptor is comprised of 350 pre-colored pieces in its bright green and blue color scheme. Always ready for battle against any foe, the TSF comes with a fantastic assortment of weapons, including assault cannons and combat knives. Fully assembled the F-22A Raptor stands just over 7-inches tall and features multiple hand parts and an impressive amount of articulation for a wide range of posing options. Ages 15 and up.

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