NEO: The World Ends Shoka Bring Arts Action Figure

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NEO: The World Ends Shoka Bring Arts Action Figure: Shoka, one of the ‘Reapers’ in NEO: The World Ends with You , makes her appearance as a Bring Arts figure! On top of her lean and stylish silhouette, her unique hoodie’s volume and texture have also been recreated. With careful attention to her hair texture and facial expressions as well, this figure brings out the nonchalant air that she exudes in the game. This figure comes with a set of parts which allow you to reenact various scenes from the game, with such accessories as unique text bubbles, 3x face parts with dynamic facial expressions, multiple hand parts (including one holding a smartphone), as well as two tail-type accessories, and a figure stand. Madeof PVC, this figure stands roughly 5-inches tall.

UPC 0662248836577

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