Recall of Cthulhu Matching Game

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Recall of Cthulhu Matching Game: Recall of Cthulhu presents the horrors of the mythos in a way they were meant to be, cute and cuddly! This classic matching game can be played by the most deranged patient in the Sanatorium, as well as young cultists aged 4 and up! Included in the game are 60 tiles representing 15 creatures, items and places of the Cthulhu Mythos, as well as a player aid for playing the advanced game. The game can be played as a simple matching game, or the advanced game can be played which adds a layer of complexity to the game. In the advanced game, tiles have varying point values, as well as effects on the game itself. The advanced game is suitable for young cultists, aged 4 and up.

UPC 0651174120355

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