Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Clapper Talking Nightlight

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Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Clapper Talking Nightlight: Clap for Grogu! From Star Wars’ hit show The Mandalorian, comes The Child Clapper Talking Night Light! As the Child’s popularity grows, so do his powers. Be amazed as the Child, also known as baby Yoda, uses the force of 2 claps to operate an appliance. Clap 3 times to turn on the night light and hear Greef Karga and The Mandalorian quotes from the show, ‘Come on baby. Do the magic hand thing!’ and ‘The kid is coming with me.!’ Grogu is known by many names – The Child, Baby Yoda, kid – but you probably know him best as the pint-sized Force-wielding hero in The Mandalorian whose origins are not completely clear. This adorable little green guy is the youngest 50-year-old this side of Coruscant, capable of moving objects with his powers while searching for snacks in a galaxy far, far away. Grogu belongs in your Star Wars collection.

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