Tetris Classic Logo Augmented Reality Enamel Pin

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Tetris Classic Logo Augmented Reality Enamel Pin: Scan this almost-unbelievable Tetris Classic Logo Augmented Reality Enamel Pin based on the 1980s Japanese logo design to see it come to life through animation synced to a fun remix track. This informative pin will display Tetris lingo you can pass along to other fans! Move the 1 7/10-inch wide x 3/4-inch tall pin away from the viewfinder or your device away from the pin to trigger the pop-out in AR space. Don’t miss any of the Tetris Pinfinity augmented-reality pins, each sold separately! Pinfinity collectible pins bring your favorite fandoms to life with animation, sound, and interactive experiences. Powered by augmented reality and a free mobile app, Pinfinity pins can play video/animation, play audio tracks, provide access to downloadable content, link out to websites, display selfie frames, and more! Ages 16 and up.

UPC 0630128120405

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