What is Mission Style Furniture?

History of Mission Style Furniture

Most people are not aware that the terms arts & crafts style furniture and mission style furniture are synonymous. These terms are often times used interchangeably to describe lighting fixtures and furniture pieces that are typified by rectangular slats, exacting straight lines typically made of wood, copper or iron. The table lamps and other light articles are made with square wooden bases that have colorful glass shades, thereby resulting in a timeless elegant piece which is both artistic and functional. The in-built features of this style include:

  • Simplicity
  • Functionality
  • Quality craftsman work

The core features of mission style furniture embrace creation for functionality over fashion or style, and a simple, durable built from high-quality wood and materials. Since it is the era of arts and crafts, minute details such as joinery are crafted in a superior style so as to enhance the appeal and longevity of these pieces.

Straight-line rustic furniture began emerging in the late 1980s and given the term ‘mission furniture’ by a furniture craftsman named Joseph McHugh. Furniture craftsmen like McHugh were inspired from Spanish missions in San Francisco. This type of furniture is easily recognized for its square and steady look and its orientation towards functionality.

Why It is Gaining Popularity

Mission Style ReclinerThis sturdy, yet simple furniture has throughout the years gained popularity. A key component of the design concept of arts & crafts, mission style furniture is an incredible selection for furniture build solid and durable. There are people who can attest to the great usability and look of this style.

Nowadays, it is easily recognizable in several homes throughout the nation. First there was mission style chairs. Subsequently, more pieces were added on until the entire house could be furnished with the mission look. Even though the popularity of contemporary mission furniture has waned a bit after the Second World War (the time during which contemporary designs were the norm) it resurfaced as a fashionable style in the late 80s and into the early 90s. It continues to remain popular among the various furniture makers nowadays.

Simplistic Furniture Styling

Mission furniture is available nowadays in much diverse range of styles and pieces. It’s more or less always carved from oak and is conventionally designed to fit the style of bungalow home setting. When carrying decoration with mission furniture, it’s crucial to carry through its design simplicity and focus more on functionality if the precise illustration of the period is to be brought out.

This means that the walls are kept plain and that the floors are either polished or have very essential carpet options in one color. By using mission furniture you will enhance personal property since the furniture and will not be overwhelming. It will assist in enhancing and showcasing other furniture pieces in the house.

Using mission style bedroom furniture can offer one a solid place of rest in addition to providing good quality storage options. It is bound to last for years from the college dorm to theMission Style End-Table retirement abode and beyond with ease. If it’s appropriately taken care of, mission furniture will definitely look as good as new years down the road.

Because of this, you also can look for the antique pieces of furniture in this style. The furniture is conventionally colored with medium to dark stains and as a result of the color and materials used, it is best suited for larger, more spacious rooms. It is usually heavy aesthetically and therefore, light surrounding paints and colors on the walls would be ideal.

Selecting Mission Furniture

While purchasing mission furniture, look for the authenticity of the piece, reputation of seller/builder and quality of craftsmanship. The best quality mission furniture is from the native American oak that has exposed joinery. Authentic mission furniture is in reality hand crafted and finishing done using hand rubber and then sealed in soft, satin finish.

The current versions are however made by machine but they still maintain a simplistic design and classic elegance. Due to its rugged appeal, the craftsman style furnishing is best coupled with warm tones ensuing in an earthy appearance and feel.

The contemporary stylish look is very warm and also inviting. It exudes a natural and comfortable feel to a home. Items are easy to match up given their consistency in style and design. Given their popularity, it is very easy to get stylish pieces at most of the furniture retailers. Mission style furniture is guaranteed to add quality and unique appeal to any space.


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